The Dark Web, often called, dark net, is place where for the most part, general data and transaction activity is processed. It is away from the open net (where public facing sites such as your bank login, news, social activities, gaming are all located.)

But for all the wonderful human endeavour on the surface, it is like the iceberg with the greater mass buried underneath. And if the entire surface web is but a small part, what indeed, if anything of concern, lives below. Plenty. And that is where a brave and true web angel comes into his and/or her own.

Underneath your beautiful surface internet world of social media, news, banking, life and love lives a sinister, vile, corrupt world of every illegal vice. Illegal pornography, marketing (e.g. drugs, weapons, slavery, black markets), crime.

The Web Angel programme is about searching for lost souls within the dark areas of the world (especially the internet) and

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