Available courses

This NZ Spirit course is a developing, test course for new and renewing members to understand our holistic, member based approach to activities and to build member interaction between participants. There are no right or wrong answers here and your own words and thoughts rule.

Activities will be added as the team get stuck in finding new features and activities to try out. Please join in. It's free for subscribing members and should be great fun.  This was started 10 Feb 2020 and is currently in a very vanilla play mode. We look forward to adding features and seeing you try new components as we get underway.

Minimum enrollment (click each in turn as required.)

Registration Yes www.spirit.org.nz
Subscription Yes Minimum 1 month 
Course fee No This is a free course.

Subscription is a minimum requirement. As previous courses demonstrated and future course content will require, training teams cover personal content, sometimes deeply life-changing. Connections between members and the standards of support required make it imperative that this is a member subscribed activity so the entire participating group can work within the same framework and security. This includes the Admin Team.

As always, if you are financial hardship and want to join in, please register then contact the Admin Team (by message on the forum or otherwise) and we will help you from there.

Ka tautoko i te Wairua o Aotearoa me tōna iwi.