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Sensitive data?removal

This is a discrete service we have supplied for over 20 years. If you have sensitive data you require removed from your active, retired, or stored system(s), or have a need for your system data and history to be carefully edited or backed up to removable storage; and want this carried out with absolute privacy, please call Kevin 0274 501 899.?

Estimated price shown is based on historical work.?

Initial call out through Wellington – Hutt Valley – Kapiti (other areas as per ‘extra’s.)

Technical advice / support.

Removal of system(s) to our nearest private workshop location (Hutt Valley or Kapiti). This is our preference so we can concentrate unhindered. However, in some cases, time and location dependent, we can provide an onsite service.?

Clean up (as possible) as per instructions / discussion.

USB drive or other duplication of retained data (if requested.)

Return and reconnect or?optional recycle if no longer required.

This service usually takes up to a week (average, excepting large orders) to ensure thorough results (due to several approaches when servicing via our workshop.) It is absolutely confidential regardless of the background purpose (e.g. business, personal, agency, private or public activities.)

We are able to fully recycle specific items: Ipads/Iphones; cell phones; tablets, laptops; desktops; servers under 20Kg size. Aluminium and other identified metals, circuit boards/processors, memory, add-on cards, power and other cables, batteries. We do not have services to recycle monitors or printers, glass, plastics and can not take these separately without additional cost.

What do we mean by sensitive data? Company records, agency files, tax records, private data such as photo’s, video’s, documents, scanned items; internet activity, history, files, downloads, adult rated, super sensitive and all other content. Irrespective of what or why. We’re here to help. Period.

Estimated price includes travel, discussion, removal of equipment, work; recycling or return of equipment, standard connection; follow up discussion. Per unit. Absolute privacy has been our mantra for over 20 years.

Estimate pricing:
Prices shown are in most cases, typical charges. Due to travel, time or materials required (e.g. multiple visits, if the unit also requires repair,? contains virus’) the actual price can decrease or increase appropriately. We will discuss with you should there be any significant variation.

Before servicing:
Prior to work please ensure you have a backup of critical data in the event of system failure. We can not guarantee quality of data once this work is underway. We do not open files typically unless under your instruction. We are therefore reliant on the physical health of your equipment and files.

Optional service:
As an option, you may prefer your residual data to be cleaned and backed up with a full, fresh installation of your operation system to be undertaken. This is within the costs offered here.

However, your internet connection, email service, printers (and other peripherals,) networking and all personal applications will need reinstalling by you on return of system. We are normally able to assist as an additional charged activity. As we do not retain password information, you will need to ensure your internet and other passwords are available to you. Email systems are notorious for failing to reinstall with pre-existing data without complication. You are likely to loose your emails. Please ensure you have saved to file and/or printed out any emails or contacts required to be retained.

PC capacity:

1 – 50 units at a time: Repair and return / physical reinstall
1-200 units at a time: Backup and recycle.

The repair and return limit is primarily due to safe transport size. If the unit is to be recycled, there is less concern over the retained outer quality of the device and more can be fitted for transport.


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