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The Otaki Free Food Pantry (OFFP) is our first pantry with two fridge/freezer units outside our retreat home offering free food and supplies to people in need. The basis is, take what you need, donate (produce) what you can. With time and home owners or renters support we could extend also to other districts.

The project would benefit from a winter shelter to house the fridges, produce, embed seating, harden the ground for parking (e.g. gravel/chip), provide a shelter for NZ’s variable weather and install a night cam to protect it from vandalism.

They gift produce daily, every day, to people in need from the two fridges but sadly have also been vandalised at least twice. Once, the fridge(s) were knocked over and all the contents scatted. A second time, overnight, the entire pantry was raided with everything gone.

You can read more from a newspaper advertisement, on this project, on the main homepage here at

We are happy to contribute as we can but are in need of support to build a secure, solid shelter with parking.  The end price will be more or less than the estimate here and the balance will go to continuing the forum services (or shortfall paid by it instead.)

Kia Kaha New Zealand. People do care!

Contact: Please call outside of normal working/retail hours (as my phone is usually on mute as I work in customer services.)

On behalf of the Free Food Pantry Team leaders, KarenH and KerryAnne

0274 501 899 (spooknz @ xtra . co . nz)
We are NZSpirit. A loving home on the internet.

KarenH, Team Leader
Please make contact on the forum via messaging.


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