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Donations and reserve funds go to maintaining service costs; national meetings & subsidised events; charitable activities for the ROK and CANDO teams; licences and services, taxes and compensating support personnel who are completely focused on making a difference.

Your koha today is a blessing. Please email us if you have other concepts, ideas and helpful suggestions to The donation goal changes with the needs of the key support group and activities.

STAGE 1: Setup costs
Setup costs have been initially covered by Kevin's time and expenses. Domain registration, shopping system licences, server hardware, server operating system, programming. The setup costs where presented to the admin team (c/- KarenH) and amount to 2,555.53

Stage 2: Inauguration weekend
The initial target for the forum is to raise this plus the travel and accommodation expenses to get a group together to reform our charitable activities. This is a crucial weekend event that will include working groups, formative meeting, charitable status decision and a spiritual & healing workshop event. We hope to sell sufficient asset and by donation raise $5,000 to get as many members there, paid, as possible.

Stage 3: Administration - governance and charitable
To fund intial charitable events (e.g. RAK team work, CanDo programming) we need to raise perpetual funds but are looking to raise a further $5,000 from sale of inventory and product; member donations and services.

Administrative finances
Kevin has hardware, trade and tech items to sell and will be donating to the above activities from some of those sales, especially from every member sale. Once related legal fee's are recovered this will escalate. Kevin hopes that as an great alternative, the above expenses could potentially all be met but welcome donations and/or member fees to make the initial setup funding arrive all the sooner. It is up to us.

Thanks, The Management
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