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Formation of a new Government Party  

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Imaginations or something to work on. You tell us.

Here are some of the significant issues facing New Zealand that a holistic, wellness oriented government party could resolve. This list is not complete. It is not fully answered. It is an ongoing discussion of those issues we and our descendents face.

Ecocide - the 1080 dilemma

Social inequality which in part can be corrected with policy that enforces the rights of all New Zealanders to

- A job in an environment that includes equality of pay and working conditions; and

- financial security for New Zealand Citizens and permanent residents before immigration demands

Immigration policy that delivers on a New Zealander First basis (e.g. work, accommodation, schooling) that is partially corrected by

- education reform that supports long term to fill the gaps currently taken by skilled migrants. That means, commercial trades, rural and farming, mechanics and engineering, infrastructure, regulatory and governance;

- housing infrastructure which includes a proper regulatory review of 'low cost housing' to ensure housing is literally low cost for New Zealand Citizens and Permanent Resident visa holders;

- disestablishment of overseas property and land acquisition (i.e. New Zealanders First.) Halt on all overseas property purchasing whilst a fully New Zealand focused review is first undertaken to ensure the wellbeing of New Zealander's, the equality of Maori and to mitigate further loss. 

Note 1: If you are not a New Zealand Citizen or a New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa holder, or are based overseas and/or a company with no long-term New Zealand presence qualified also as being owned and managed by a New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident Visa holder, you will have no claim or right to buy any property or land in New Zealand territories (the same as many other countries, such as China.)

Establishment of regional community support centres for residents and wellbeing groups. This includes a review of services required to support communities such as banking, budgeting, legal and regulatory services, aged care, parenting, guidance and counselling, general wellbeing. This could also incorporate a review of Work and Income services to mitigate some of those services. Many communities are suffering from a lack of services such as postal, legal, banking. These reviews seek to address service loss issues.