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Online Zoom Meeting


You were invited to a Zoom meeting from Sunday, 30 May 2021 at 8:00 PM NZT (40 minutes max.) You can join in anytime during the meeting schedule.  Link below in this post…

Online discussion groups are a social way to get together on a semi-regular basis to discuss areas of interest. Participants share experiences, knowledge, tips and tricks, activities and support for each other.  Each session has a general title and start time. Any one participant can schedule a session and provide the session a title. The group ‘makes it happen.’

A special, general online meeting in an open discussion using Zoom, a popular video conferencing tool (free version.)
You don’t need anything but an internet connection to join in using the following browser link. You can use your cellphone, tablet, notebook or computer. For computer you might need a microphone and/or camera (optional.) As a fall-back there is a text chat option built in.  There is a time-limit of 40 minutes for free participation.
Total free limit 100. If you would like to invite others who are like-minded, please share the following link.
Discussion: General catch up. 
where we are – where we are headed – where to from here.
Consider it like a Round Table open forum
Join our Zoom Meeting
FROM SUNDAY, 30 MAY 2021 at 8:00 PM NZT (40 minutes max.) You can join in anytime during the meeting schedule. 
Meeting ID: 874 0980 6710
Passcode: TA3W0Y



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  1. As a result of online Zoom meetings we’ve agreed to leave any donations as a completely ‘up to you’ option. To continue the support of online care activities, forum and services we’ve supported since 2005:

    Over the years we supported a great deal of activity and tried many ways of securing funds to pursue online care services full time. But that ideal has been challenged by regular changes to policies, ability and most significantly, individual opinions. The biggest loss of online communities comes with the rise and strong ongoing hold of social media. We don’t have to run a website, we don’t have to run a forum. We choose to do so. It’s that simple. Funny thing is, we’re still here and hoping people will see the call to work together. It’s your life, our pleasure to help.

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