Resilient – able – willing to adapt. We’re serious about ensuring a future earth, we’ve cleared our precious internet space to bring us closer to revealing truths about our dangerously changing world…

Just some of the issues we face today:

  • destruction of earth’s fauna and flora;
  • global change / earth events;
  • Humanity in crisis;
  • live rescues – light angels.

The human world needs a reality check to help wake us up to what is going on and how to survive. By human hands, or global change, this world is in peril. Truth must win the day if we are to save our precious home.

The Web Angel platform is made for you to share resources and support for all issues in real life, on the open internet and in the deep web.

If you are a member, passionate about making a difference we want to be passionate with you. We just need you to let us know your activities and what support you would like. Or, if you discover something online or in real life which is of concern, do not go alone. Please, email us at spooknz @ to get help underway as may be available. We can call some of the team together depending on the situation, to be there (online) with you.

Thank you for caring.

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