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Universal contact form.

Spirit Org Pegasus

This is a universal form. For enquiries, registration requests, news, updates, reporting, help. Adapt to suit.

If you are wanting to support or build on activities, please get in touch.

Txt messages: 0274501899
Emails: spooknz @

Phone number provided is for texting only. Phone calls will not be answered due to work requirements (phone is usually on silent mode.) We will not call back unless on our core support – member list.

If you are a member, passionate about making a difference we want to be passionate with you. We just need you to let us know your activities and what support you would like. Or, if you discover something online or in real life which is of concern, do not go alone.

Please use our handy submission form (reference names etc is just for ‘reference’ when following up. We are on a secure directly owned website on our own server.) If you are extra cautious, you can create a temporary email address (e.g. at for use here.

Note: the forum prefers you use a VPN system to mask your real internet identity and a deep web secure browser, such as TOR to keep your internet history as safe as possible. If you need help with this or any issue, please post on the forum.


Thank you for caring.