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Current New Zealand Hosted Websites

Current website’s offering a continuance of trademe’s various forums are (in particularly or no particularly relevant order):-

– (that’s us) (our FB page)
– (Fepixies discord site)
– <– domain registered but website does not currently exist.
– (psst. makes NO SENSE whatsoever)

Update re: message board changes

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 4:30pm, Mon 24 Feb 2020

As we announced on 12 February, we’re making some changes to our message boards. These were set to go live on 25 February, but due to some complications behind the scenes, this will now happen on 3 March.

Update note:

Please advise any changes and we will update. It’s important that we share the love. Peace. Out. Updated 29 FEB 2020.

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