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This is a wonderful place where paying it forward with a lot of aroha / love exists. What is the CANDO Team, you ask? It’s the CAN DO team.

Home help, budgeting, government agency advocacy, womens’ health, mens’ health, emotional, physical encouragement from healing minds. Whether you are life experienced or qualified, a techie, a nurse; perhaps a home parent; ex-teacher; justice and rehab skilled; healer ; specialists; ordinarialist! Whatever your walk in life; you can be part of the CAN DO team.

The CANDO Team has an overall Team Leader appointed by the Administration group. The will work with activity coordinators and with the wider administration team to resource asset for your member lead activities.

What activities, you ask? If it’s legal and helps, it’s a suitable activity. This is a vast topic. But to give some ideas… just a sample…

home help – with post-critical care adjustments; care packs to emergency workers in crisis areas; development of forum held forms and booklets in print and/or online covering all aspects of life and living (e.g. budgeting, WINZ / ACC how-to’s, basic health; lifeskills.) Or very basic activities like how to cook something, fix something… how to meditate, how to relax, what to do next week… or maybe they want to CANDO a cruise. You see, there is a lot an agile CANDO team can do. It’s an open book. How this forms is driven by member led activities and your imagination. It’s fun, it’s with a lot of love and empathy that the CANDO team work.

Can you CANDO? I know I can.

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