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ROK – team activity based on pure kindness.

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Who are the ROK team? Its the Random Act of Kindness team. And it’s something everyone can help with, near and far. It’s fun, its rewarding and Aroha / Love is abundant here.

This model is centred around a missing element – kindness. And the greater the mass of people in the activities, the greater humanity will benefit.

We’ve all grown up around financial models. Budgets, forecasts, profits and losses. But those models do not fix a broken heart, or a stroke victims struggles.

Imagine the ROK team pick on a retirement area one Saturday morning and all the members in the area come along with their lawn mowers set on the same level. At 8:30 AM they all start up and we mass mow an entire street.

Or imagine you see a neighbour who’s home from spending time in critical care, or looking after their loved one. To find the group have made home-baking; or we’ve paid their transport / phone costs; or cared for their garden; or finished their exterior painting; or tidied their drive; or made an offer to provide future transport; or gone shopping for them. Or brought them a (donated) wheelchair. You name it.

All the team have to do is put a card in the box which says, You’ve been blessed by the ROK team from www… (or as they decide is right.)

This is the ROK team vision… to do Random acts Of Kindness… near and far. With our blessing. The team will have an overall team leader; and sub activities by an activity coordinator. The activities can be anything that is kind (of course, legal, but fun too!) and can be small scale, national, or even international. The team driven activities are supported to and from our loving administration team and funds generated by the wider forum network.

It’s going to be a great year getting this together. I hope you have the heart to be part!

You’re welcome.

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