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pegasus-640-480 New Zealand. Eternally changing. Widely diverse. Adaptive and free thinking. Photographic memories; community care; development groups;training; friendly counsel; spiritual intuition and communication. Spiritual arts, music, meditation. Welcome!

Soul1798: Gdday from Kiwiland.
Kevin: Afternoon.
Soul1837: Good morning world. It's raining and the gardens are loving it!
Soul1879: Wow! The worlds gone to sleep. Amazing.
Soul1879: No it hasn't**s fraggled tease
Soul1879: I AM
Kevin Spooner: Greetings.
Kevin: Greetings
Soul1881: Hi Kevin. Glad to see all is well and your planned updates are going well. I hear you are doing a school install tomorrow evening? I'm bringing Pizza!
Kevin: Hi 'Soul1881'. Yes, that's right. I will be in the Hutt tomorrow for about 3-4 hours with the installations.
Soul1884: Greetings and thank you spooks for your work here. I realise we have let you too it, alone, but you know you are amongst us all, aye!
Kevin: Thank you, Soul1883. I am at the retreat for the next five nights and days with analysis work to do. So if you are in the area, call in!
Soul1947: Thanks for the coffee break yesterday spooks. Enjoyed stopping in.
Kevin: You are very welcome.
Soul2000: Coming by on Friday, if you are there Spooks.
Kevin: A fantastic day. Thank you.
Soul2248: Jesus loves you.
Soul2253: Thank you, Possume,
Kevin: Awe! Hoping everyone is having a grand day.
Soul2445: Goes looking for the green stuff. And a rock to hide under.
Kevin: Happy birthday, Ignacious!
Soul2670: Happy custard cream bikkie day!
Kevin: Note: Levin - Otaki SH1 currently closed due to extreme flooding.
Kevin: Levin reopened but wild weather has hit Wellington with slips on all hill roads.
Soul3104: Thoughts for Auckland area during severe weather.
Kevin: Near Perfect Super typhoon Nepartak due to hit Taiwan/China. Watch weather updates in your region.
Kevin: Bone-chiiling 40+ year lows to hit tonight. Wrap up warm!
Soul4329: Major earthquake swarm East coast & Gisborne areas. Tsunami warning in place. Evacuations in process until all cleared. Dozens of strong aftershocks following M7.1 then M5+ earthquakes following. Stay tuned to your radios and help your neighbours. Bless.
Soul4499: Be my spiritual friend
Soul4915: Love to
Soul5118 US
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